Word of the Day

scan·dal /ˈskændl̟/ noun
plural scan·dals

1 : an occurrence in which people are shocked and upset because of behavior that is morally or legally wrong [count] ▪ There was a major scandal involving the mayor’s ties with the Mob. ▪ Government officials were caught in an embezzlement scandal. ▪ Her behavior caused a scandal at school. ▪ a drug/sex scandal [noncount] ▪ His actions brought scandal on the team. [=his actions disgraced the team] ▪ There was never a hint/trace of scandal during her time in office.

2 [noncount] : talk about the shocking or immoral things that people have done or are believed to have done
▪ The gossip magazine is filled with rumors and scandal.

3 [singular] : something that is shocking, upsetting, or unacceptable
▪ The high price of gas these days is a scandal. ▪ It’s a scandal that this city doesn’t have a movie theater.

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