Time Idioms

There are a lot of idioms talking about time as if it were money.

You can spend time.

I spent 3 hours doing that.

You can waste time.

I wasted an hour waiting for her.

Time can be a waste.

It’s not worth going. The whole exhibition is a waste of time.

You can value time.

I value every minute I get to spend with my baby.

You can run out of time.

I didn’t get the project finished as I would have liked. I ran out of time.

You can spare time.

Can you spare me a few minutes?

Time can be precious.

I travel a lot so the time I spend at home is very precious to me.

You can afford time.

We can’t afford to spend any more time on this. We have a lot to cover today.

You can save time.

I’ve already dug out the old files to save time today.

You can be short of time.

We’re short of the time we need to do a good job on this.

You can have plenty of time.

We have plenty of time to worry about this later.

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