Spring Idioms

March 20 marks the beginning of Spring.  In Canada, people look forward to this season of year, especially after a long cold winter.  While Spring invoke thoughts of new life, growth and  renewal,  there are several idioms using the word “Spring”.   Here are just a few common ones.

no spring chicken:  Fig. a person well past youth; an old person.      My grandfather is no spring chicken but he can still dance like a teenager.

spring into action:  Fig. to suddenly begin moving or doing something.         As soon as I get out of bed every morning, I spring into action to greet my busy day.

spring to life:  Fig. to become suddenly alive or more alive.         Whenever he goes to a party, he springs to life even if he had a long day of work at the office.

spring to mind:  to appear suddenly or immediately in your thoughts         What springs to mind when you hear a baby cry?

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