Rise in Learning English Online

Learning online is becoming increasingly popular especially in field of language, and more specifically the English language. One of the main reasons for this growth in online learning is an improvement in resources, technology and established effective methods of learning. All these important factors provide a very practical and convenient option for an English learner. An option that millions of people are now choosing.

Recent statistics show that English is the most commonly used language on the internet. So it’s no wonder people are choosing to learn English online. However, there are some real social and economical reasons that contribute to this rise. English is fast becoming a global language, so for some it is becoming a necessary pre-requisite whether it be for education, work or travel.

It is a fact that not every English learner has the time to study in a classroom or even has access to one. I’ve spoken to many students who have expressed the same situation. There are also issues of shyness and social awareness. Some people find it hard to express themselves in group settings which can prevent them from pursuing the path to learning English.

As a result, people seek to achieve their English learning goals by other means. And because there is alternative to the traditional classroom, the rise in learning English is a testimony to the effectiveness of learning English online or having an online English teacher.

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