Learn English by Skype

The number of students learning English by Skype has increased dramatically recently. This is no surprise as there are many advantages to learning this way. Here are some of the reasons why our students have decided to learn English by Skype.

Learn at any time and any place

Being able to learn at home or from the office is an advantage for many students. Being in the place where you feel most comfortable and not having to travel makes the lessons much more relaxed.  The flexibility of  learning English when it fits into your schedule allows you to be more motivated and prepared to learn.

Access to a Native English Speaking Teacher

Many of our students decide to take lessons with  eTalkEnglish because there are not too many native English speaking teachers where they live. Finding the right online teacher  is a question of finding someone who is capable, knowledgeable, patient, and has teaching experience.  It is also important to connect with a teacher who provides immediate feedback and correction on mistakes to improve English skills more quickly.

Focus on verbal communication

During  Skype lessons we usually don’t use the video camera unless there is some need to use it. This places much more emphasis on verbal communication.   We also use earphones which allows us to focus on pronunciation difficulties.  Mistakes are corrected and then practiced throughout the lesson and following lessons.


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