How to Use Skype

To Start Skype:

If it is your first time opening Skype:

1. Open Skype on your computer.
That means double-clicking this icon on your desktop or choosing it from the Windows > Start menu.

2. Click ‘Don’t have a Skype Name?’
This opens a Create account window.

3. Type in your name, then create a Skype username (called a Skype Name) and a password.
-Pick ones you can remember so you can sign in next time.
–Follow the directions from there and click Sign in.

If you’ve opened skype before:

1. Open Skype from your desktop or Windows > Start menu.

2. In the start-up screen, click in the box under Skype Name and type it in. Then do the same for your password. (If you forget your password, click the Forgot your password? link and follow the directions from there.)

3. This will sign you in to Skype, ready for you to use.

4. Once signed in, you may now add contacts by searching your email contacts to see who’s on Skype, add a specific person by searching his/her name or user name, or add a phone number.

Your teacher will be adding you as his/her Skype contact. A request with a message saying: “Hi! I’m _________ from eTalkEnglish and I will be your English teacher.

Please accept my invitation to add you as my contact, and please add me as your contact. Welcome to eTalkEnglish!”

5. When your teacher “calls” you, please pick up by clicking the green phone button. (Don’t forget to turn on your mic/speaker or your headset.) You are now ready to start learning and practicing English.

6. You may also send instant messages (IM’s) to each other via the text chat box, though your teacher might use this feature very sparingly. Remember, we want you to be able to SPEAK ENGLISH. It’s that simple!

For more on how to use Skype, please visit Skype’s step by step guide on ( and Frequently Asked Questions here (

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