How to Introduce Yourself in English

Canadians tend to be more casual than countries with older cultures. This means that Canadians will most likely not kiss or hug a person they are meeting for the first time or even after.

Party or Work = more formal

If you are going to meet a Canadian for the first time at a party or in a work setting, it’s customary to shake that person’s hand. Be sure to smile and make eye contact  when you say hello. Eye contact is essential!

Here is some sample language for politely greeting new people.

Introduce Yourself

  • “Hi. I’m Justin. Nice to meet you.”

Sometimes, when shaking hand, you need only to say your name, without the introducing language:

  • “Hi, Samuel. Justin. Nice to meet you.”

In this case, you need to change your tone to distinguish his or her name from yours. Your name will be said a little lower in tone.

Here are some other ways to introduce yourself in English:

  • “Hi. My name is Matthew. It’s good to be here.”
  • “I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Matthew.”
  • “I’m Matthew. And you are…?”
  • “My name is Matthew. What’s your name?”
The questions that come after an introduction must include the appropriate rising intonation. This rising intonation in English (your voice pitch gets higher) indicates that you are asking a question, and it will add a tone of friendliness to your speech.
Introductions are also essential in introducing one person to another. Not introducing another would be considered rude and may make the people you are with uncomfortable.


Here are some ways to introduce another in English:

  • “Hi David. This is my daughter, Ariana.”
  • “David, I’d like to introduce you to my daughter, Ariana.”
  • “David, have you met my daughter, Ariana, yet?”
  • “Ariana, I’d like to introduce you to my friend, David.”


Asking the person’s name

Be sure to ask a question with a rising intonation:

  • “Hi. I’m Justin. And you are….?”
  • “Hi. I’m Justin. What’s your name?”

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