Q: Is there an additional cost for course materials?
Curriculum materials are included in the cost of all courses- so no additional costs besides the course fee.

Q: Do you use textbooks?
Sometimes, but most resources are digital/web-based.

Q: What if I can’t attend a scheduled lesson?
Please read our Terms and Conditions for lesson cancellation or to re-schedule a lesson.

Q: Can I change teachers?
Our students often develop an excellent teacher-student relationship. However, we understand in certain situations a change in teachers is necessary and we will attempt to accommodate your request. We are committed providing you with a positive learning experience..

Q: How can I register for group classes?
If you have a minimum of three people in your group interested in English lessons, contact us for more information and to register for group lessons.

Q: What is the free trial lesson like?
The free trial lesson is very casual.  You don’t need to prepare for anything or be afraid of answering difficult questions.  The purpose is for the teacher and student to get to know a little more about each another.  The teacher can assess the student’s English abilities, learning goals and interests.  The interview takes around 20 minutes and is very relaxed.

Q: What do I need to begin lessons?
You need to be comfortable using the Internet, sending emails and using Skype or WeChat.
You need a reliable high speed Internet connection.

Q: Do you give tests?
Tests are rarely given. Instead, spoken English is evaluated at every session.  There are many ways to find out a person’s needs, not just written tests.