A few tips on learning vocabulary

There are many ways to learn vocabulary however, there are no general rules which would be perfect for everybody. Of course, reading is the most efficient vocabulary building technique. But not all people enjoy reading or don’t have time for it.

The following are a few tips to improve vocabulary.

1) Watch movies with subtitles. If you encounter an unfamiliar word in the course of the movies, it will be better to know its spelling as well as pronunciation. Besides, subtitles can help you to understand the meaning of such a word from the context, and you will learn vocabulary much faster.

2) Keep a diary. A few lines on a daily basis wold be more than enough. Write down your thoughts, describe your day, and feelings. Try to use the words you recently learned, this way you will apply the meaning of the words in everyday life.

3) If you are not confident using new words in everyday conversations, go for the online chat. Many people feel less self conscious over the Internet, so it is a nice way to start using the words you don’t feel completely comfortable with.

4) In order to expand vocabulary, set a certain target. For example, begin with two words a day. You will need to keep a notebook to write down the unfamiliar words you heard or read in the course of a day. Do not ignore the new words you come across in conversations with your family, friends and colleagues, in TV programs, radio, newspapers, textbooks, comics, novels and so on.

Of course, improving your language skills and expanding vocabulary is a life long process. It takes patience and commitment. Working in this direction, you will be able to improve not only your vocabulary, but the quality of life as well.

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